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2010 Annual Show Competition Winners

            Miniatures                             Bob Padden                 Red Crested Cardinal
            All Other Birds                       Dick Lewandowski        Blue Streak Lorrie
            Birds of Prey/Upland Game     Al Cretney                   Kestrel
            Songbirds                              Bob Padden                 Goldfinch
            Seabirds and Shorebirds         Al Cretney                   Kildeer
            Waterfowl                              Robert Poe                  Loon and Baby
            Smoothies – Antique Style      Al Cretney                   Black Bellied Plover
            Smoothies – Realistic            Robin Salsbury             Spotted Sandpiper
            Interpretive Bird                      Robin Salsbury             Bobwhite
            Bench                                    Bob Jenner                  Great Blue Heron

            BEST IN DIVISION                  Bob Padden                  Red Crested Cardinal

            Interpretive                         Len Syverson                Golf Club Roadrunner
            Smoothies Realistic               Charles Currie                Kildeer
            Smoothies Antique                Bob Cossaboon              Puffin
            Miniatures                           Charles Currie                Avocet
            Birds of Prey/Upland Game      Charles Mirabella            Kestrel
            Songbirds                            Don Birr                        Oriole
            Seabirds and Shorebirds         Don Birr                        Puffin

            BEST IN DIVISION                 Charles Currie                Kildeer

            Smoothies – Realistic             Charles Barker               Chickadees
            Smoothies – Antique              Charles Barker               Merganser
            Miniatures                            Charles Barker               Mallard
            Songbirds                             Charles Barker              Goldfinches
            BEST IN DIVISION                 Charles Barker               Mallard

            Human Figures and Busts             Anthony Filetti               “Percy”
            Caricatures – Human and Animal   Anthony Filetti               Baltimore “Oreo”
            Animals                                    Bob Younger                  Beaver
            Marine Life                                Phil Marra                     Brown Trout
            Carousel Figures                        Bob Younger                  Horse
            Relief Carving                            Bob Younger                  Landscape
            Interpretive                              Anne Pepe                    “Framata”
            Miscellaneous                            Lester Hanes                 Cane “Rogue”
            Bench                                      Anthony Filetti               Abe Lincoln
         BEST IN DIVISION                         Anthony Filetti               BaltimoreOreo”
            Relief Carving                           John Smalt                    Santa
            Marine Life                               John Smalt                    Trout
            Animals                                   Robert Martin                 Bear
            Caricatures – Human and Animal  Joe Marasco                   Santa
            Human Figures and Busts            Joe Marasco                  Indian Face

            BEST IN DIVISION                       Joe Marasco                  Santa

            Chip Carving                               Dave Hockenberry         Teapot Clock
            Marine Life                                 Charles Barker               Dolphins
            Caricatures – Human and Animal     Bill Bly                         Tall Santa

            BEST IN DIVISION                        Bill Bly                         Tall Santa
WORKING DECOY                                            
                                                            Phil Marr

  Bird                                                     Fred Fox                      Ruddy Duck
  General                                                Rex McHail                   Hors d'oeuvre

  Songbirds                                        Anthony Culotta             Bluebird
  Seabirds and Shorebirds                     Anthony Culotta             Spotted Sandpiper

BEST IN SHOW – BIRD CARVING        Bob Padden                  Red Crested Cardinal
BEST IN SHOW – GENERAL                    Anthony Filetti               Baltimore “Oreo”

2010 Raffle Winners

#1    Bust of Woman                 Chris Bradshaw
#2    Black Bellied Plover            Chris Bigenwald
#3    Avocet                            Don Jones
#4    Tool box                          Roger Campbell
#5    Chickadee Carving Kit        Richard Kaper
#6    Carved Cane                    Kathryn Woodruff
#7    Phalarope Watercolor         Richard Kaper
#8    We-Cheer Minigrinder         Daniel Gary
#9    Feather Pin                      Patrick Morriset
#10  Goldfinch                         Unrecorded – prize delivered by Earl Fresch
#11  Butz Knife                        David Hockenberry
#12  Feather Pins                     Steve Erbland
#13  Golden Eagle (book)          Thomas Ingrassta
#14  Folk Art Cardinal               Pam McCarry
#15  Traditional Woodcarving     Alison Currie
#16  Chickadee on Mushroom     Don and Sue Moroni
#17  Pyrography Dog                Charlie Currie
#18  Art of the Decoy               Al Cretney
#19  Soap Carving Kit               S. Redick
#20  Winchester Knives            Chuck Barker
#21  Bird/Face                        Conor Doerr
#22  Owl                                Anthony Filetti
#23  Shorebird                        John Currie
#24  Hillbilly                            Frank Bradshaw
$25  Angel                             Conor Doerr
#26  Dancing Loon Photo          Donna Gruendice
#27  Knife                              Dick Norton
#28  Nuthatch Sharpener         Kathryn Woodruff
#29  Wren Sharpener              S. Redick
#30  Wood Duck Photo            Ralph Sholts